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Where were you during the obama years? And are you gonna re-upload the Dubya doos again?

Samination responds:

I quit political animations after the Bush Show as I was burnt out on them. However, the election of Trump brought me back. It's just all too funny to pass up. The Bush Show (along with a lot of my older animations) are coming back to my new channel Ebolaworld Classics (to be announced soon).

I think his animations are falling in quality

No love for Mei?

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Crunchlins responds:

I love Mei! :D I just didn't find a place for her in the song :(
But she is a sweetheart! One of my favourite characters!

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Give intructions

This game surely has potential but we don't know how to play. Give instructions and a bigger selection of music.

YorikGames responds:

Thank's for good score) It's a typical puzzle, you must collect more than 3 gifts at horisontal or vertical line to remove it and receive score, also if you remove more then 4 gifts at one, you receive one of 4 mega bonuses.

Ten Stars is an insult

The last one was worth ten stars. SeethingSwarm listened to the reviewers and he delivered with more weapons, more combos and a more difficult AI. He improved already what was one of the best games on Newgrounds. This isn't a game, This is History!

The important question is...

Will we see a Seong Mi-Na version?

SClover13 responds:

Yes, and a Taki version. But I'm not an artist. I have to wait for some other perv to draw a "clothes on/ clothes off" picture and then I can animate. As it stands I have the needed images for 2 more Ivy ones, a Seong Mi-Na, and Taki.

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Winner by 1st round knockout!

Amazing! I wish I could write something negative about this song but it strong from start to finish! Keep up the great work!

Freakin Awesome

Yo dude check out my remix too!!

iono why this got such a low score?

the sound seems crisp... a bit mellow but its isn't painful to listen to... it should be a little more flavorful if you were going to capture the ambiance of a big city: otherwise it sounds like a jazz lounge

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Cam3leon responds:

I feel you, dude. I think I was trying to capture more of the dreams and wistfulness behind making it to the big city one day, as opposed to physically being there. But check out my piece entitled "Newport City" for a more literal interpretation. Otherwise, thanks for the feedback!

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The drawing needs more contour lines and detail

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Jibber-Zen responds:

I actually meant for the image to be this way since it was done in a cell-shaded style. Adding contour lines to the image would have defeated the purpose of using this style since the shading is meant to take the place of inked lines through implication.

Sad yet true

The head should be Obama since he doesn't have enough balls to stand up for his campaign promises

good work!

I like the coloring and shading but there is no neck and the belly button is way too high

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